Hello! Claire here. Want to know a secret? I’ve been through clinical depression. And even after a good recovery it still comes back to say hello from time to time.
The Black Dog is an awful and indiscriminate beast – it can, and does, affect any of us. And yet even now in our age of mindfulness, wellness and self-help on tap we still find it hard to talk about. To admit that we’re struggling.

The universe is littered with tales of depression and anxiety, but we can’t always hear them and sometimes we’re not ready to listen. Sometimes all we need is someone to start the conversation. So this is mine.

Join me while I continue to navigate the murky waters of shaky mental health with a smile on my face and my pants on backwards.

12 thoughts on “About

  1. Claire, Just visiting for the first time. After reading above I was wondering if you take vitamin B’s. I read that B vitamin deficiency is fairly widespread. I hope that you are doing well in London. Will go now and read your writings. Best of luck to you! Jerry

  2. Hi Jerry, very good point – and I’m definitely looking into what supplements I can take to boost my health. Nutrition has such a massive impact on well-being. Thanks for reading!

  3. Hello Claire, just stumbled across your blog and I really like your honesty and the way you write. As my mum has suffered with depression since childhood, I know a fair bit about how the Black Dog can consume a person. I too fall into blackness sometimes, although mine isn’t clinical, mine is largely environmental. Anyway, I do wish you the best of luck with life and your blog! Ruth

  4. Ummm … just my opinion, but based on the few posts of yours that I’ve read this is not “just another depression blog”. I love your thoughtful and intelligent take on a dog that bites so many of us.

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