How not to be a dick to your loved ones


It’s amazing how much energy I expend these days in the simple act of trying not to be an utter penis to the people I love.

You wouldn’t think it would be too difficult to be nice to people. Unfortunately I spend so much time locked inside my own head that sometimes it’s a genuine herculean effort. And I’m exhausted, which doesn’t help.

How do you tell your best mates that you’d rather cut your ears off with a spoon than spend the evening with them? Not because they’ve done anything wrong, but because you just need some time alone.

Currently I’m resting up at my parents’ house for a while, as the white-knuckle fear and soaring adrenaline edge of my moods seems to have given way to complete and utter exhaustion. I got so over-tired I stopped being able to sleep or eat, which for someone who can usually happily inhale all ten slices of a large Dominos pizza in one sitting, means serious trouble. I needed looking after.

After a few sleeping pill aided nights of rest I feel less like I’m stumbling through Dante’s seventh circle of hell, but as far as functioning like a normal human being goes, I’m not up to much. In the immortal words of Bernard Black; I can feel bits of my brain falling away like a wet cake.

So I find myself in the unfortunate position of trying to be grateful for the avalanche of love and kindness bestowed upon me by my lovely parents – who cut a holiday short to look after me – while battling searing rage and frustration at my situation, and frazzled, sleep-deprived nerve endings. Translation? I’m being a big ol’ bitch to those that care about me the most.

And as for my friends, I’m in touch with a select few over the phone and am keeping the rest at a distance with a metaphorical ten-mile pole. Because, the way I am at the moment, the only way to not be a dick to my loved ones, is to stay away from them.

Hopefully given time and further rest I’ll be less grizzly bear and more fluffy bunny. Until then, I’m staying in my box.

7 thoughts on “How not to be a dick to your loved ones

  1. I think it’s one of the toughest things, to let people help (or at least think they are doing something to help), even if it’s a situation where you can only hunker down and wait for things to get better. Hang in there!

    • Thanks. Yep I’ve definitely never been a great patient, but for things bigger than ‘the sniffles’ you really just have to let others help eh?

  2. I can relate. The accompanying guilt trip never helps, does it? Those who love you will stick around. I hope things improve for you. May you inhale Domino’s in one sitting soon, and enjoy every last bit with some loved ones.

    • Thanks. I totally agree re: guilt tripping, esp when that causes you to suppress your frustrations around loved ones, and they all come out in a big explosion over something ridiculous like burnt toast! Not that, er, that’s ever happened to me…

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